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Join us in offering a remembrance of Steve Larsen, who passed away at the age of 39 on May 19, 2009. Steve was a loving family man, loyal

friend, and world-class athlete who inspired everyone he met. Please contribute photos and text to this website. We hope this site will become a lasting and positive refuge for Steve's family and friends.

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Essecyhes - Jan 16, 2013
I remember you at Motorola, I remember you racing at Schwinn and in the dirt, I remember you racing xterras and tri's, I was thinking about you and wanted to see you race to inspire my own training, cant believe its been 3 years, peace to you Steve, you were and still are an inspiration to me. Peace, love and understanding.
Colin - May 19, 2012
Never met Steve but ...First time i saw him was in the 2001 ironman in kona, loved his tenacity while racing, and how he was just too fast on that bike, inspired me to try and be as fast :-)... RIP
Pete Jackson - Apr 13, 2010
I'll never forget the years racing as a junior with Steve. I'll never forget them because by racing with him, I soon discovered that there are people that are just in a whole different stratosphere. Mind you, I became a Cat 2 junior back in the mid 80's, but I was like a little kid on training wheels compared with Steve. No matter what the event, he simple rode away. He was a truly gifted athlete. It was always good to follow his career and see him reach such great success in so many different endurance sports. And it was great to see him achieve such great success with his family and his business. Steve, you will be missed by many.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Rest in peace brother.
-Steve - Feb 16, 2010
I always respected Steve for pursuing Ironmans after his mountain bike career. You will be truly missed Steve, my heart goes out to his family, oh by the way loved that commercial he did with the order of another stack of pancakes lol that was classic.

May the wind be at your back bro.
Dennis Loui - Feb 16, 2010
Today I bought a Steve Larsen bike jersey at Hutch's. I love it...maybe because it is a piece of Steve that I can show other people and tell them what a remarkable person he was. I am so happy that the website was on the jersey, as I did not know about it, as I am not a member of the bike community.
thank you for this wonderful opportunity to express my sincere love for Steve, Carrie and the kids.
I am truly blessed to have known him and his life will always live in my heart. Take care Steve. I love you brother.
Jim Wilson - Jan 20, 2010
I never got to meet Steve personally, but as a junior in high school, I was coached by his brother, Mike, on my cross country team. Mike never had anything but positive things to say about his younger brother, and as I've read articles about him, there is no doubt in my mind as to why. Many people can influence others, but when those people that they influence can influence OTHER people as a result, what you have is an amazing person.

Rest In Peace, Steve
David Gillespie - Jan 14, 2010
I just watched ironman marathon on US television where Steve Larson came in 9th. I was so sure he won a future ironman from his performance that I googled ironman results and came upon this. I am so sorry for your loss and shocked that a man with such energy and drive (that came across the TV screen), would succumb. As a trauma nurse I should be numb to this, but that is never the case. Rest in peace.
Trisha - Jan 5, 2010
I knew Steve when we were at Holmes Jr. High in Davis, CA. We lost contact after that when my family moved away, but I would read about his achievements and successes over the years.

He was a great person even back then, and I'm very sorry to hear about his passing. My prayers are with his family.

Aaron - Dec 31, 2009
I remember first meeting Steve when I was about 5. Our families went up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing. I have nothing but good memories. I am sorry for your loss.

Stephanie Butler Sorsky - Nov 9, 2009
I remember first meeting Steve in July of 1984 at what was called the Junior National Tour in Colorado. It was essentially a junior version of the Coors Classic.

Steve rode in the event with the very youngest riders. The midget category. I think they were ages 12-13. One notch below the intermediate category of 14-15 year olds. I distinctly remember seeing Steve arrive on the starting line with the other young kids for stage one at the Air Force Academy. Steve looked like a professional racing cyclist, and the other kids looked like itty-bitty kids on oversized bikes. My first thought (I must admit) was that Steve had to be much older. He was literally towering over the others. Apparently, he was born on the day of the year that made him the oldest possible rider in his category. Even though he looked a foot taller than the other kids. Apparently the race organizers (it being a race for juniors) would not let him ride with the intermediates. He was forced to ride in an inappropriate category.

The gun went off, and Steve just simply rode away from his co-competitors. Every stage. Road race, criterium, time trial. I watched almost every stage, and even though Steve was usually several minutes (or laps) ahead of the next kid, he was ALWAYS riding at his absolute hardest, no matter how "in the bag" the race was for him. He never looked back, and despite the obvious mismatch, he simply rode at his absolute best. He rode as if he were trying to catch the race ahead of him. I'll never forget that determined "race face" of Steve's. He always rode as if he was hauling a truckload of lead bars at 75 MPH.

Anyone who witnessed Steve's dominance in 1984, did not need to "predict" his bright future. I suppose the same must have been true for people who'd watched Greg Lemond. There was no wondering "if" Steve was going to be a pro. After I quit racing and went to college, I just waited for the day that I would read about him or see him on TV. It did not take long. It was awesome to see Steve racing on Motorola next to my heroes.

I was very happy to read that Steve went further than cycling in his life success. Wow, five wonderful kids and a wife. Steve, that is your most telling accomplishment. You were always good on that bike, but I'm glad you'd gotten the chance to extend your success into others areas such as family and business.

God Speed, Steve!

Patrick - Sep 25, 2009
Sad to learn of Steve Larson death, never had the pleasure of meeting up with the man... But he still is one of my cycling hero's... Bless Him & His family..

Jason - Sep 9, 2009
I don't know how I misssed it, but I just learned of Steve's death. I'm stunned and still trying to sort it out. I met Steve in August of 2002, when I drove to Wheelworks in Davis and bought my P2K from him. I was impressed with the time he took to let me try various bikes and then give me a good fit. I met his wife in the store. I was so impressed with him as a person and not just a great athlete. I saved the issue of Triathlete when he was on the cover. I followed his career and was always pulling for him to be at the top. I find it ironic that it was a heart attack at age 40 that woke me up to the need to get fit. I started running, then triathlons, which have been my strength for over 20 years. My heart goes out to Steve's wife and children. He was the kind of dad they should have had for many years to come. The world is a better place for him having been here.
Steve - Sep 4, 2009
Below is a link to the fundraising site for the Steve Larsen Memorial Bike Area. Please help spread the word.

This is effort to benefit the Davis Blue and White Foundation and create the Steve Larsen Memorial Bike Parking Area at the newly renovated high school stadium in Davis, California.

The Blue and White Foundation is the alumni association for the high school in Steve's hometown of Davis, California. This non-profit foundation recently launched a campaign to raise funds to complete renovation of the school's 50-year-old stadium.

My hope is to inspire all of you to contribute towards my goal of raising $25,000 for the Davis High School Blue and White Foundation. The funds will be used to sponsor a wonderful bike parking area for the newly renovated facility and will be named in Steve's memory. This will be a fitting tribute to an avid athlete, cyclist, husband, father and community member.

Thank you for your contributions to help fund the Steve Larsen Memorial Bike Parking area.

Stay active, be healthy and have fun!

For more information on the Davis High School Blue and White Foundation, please visit on the Web.
Lydia Schlosser - Sep 1, 2009
There's a great article on Steve in the October 2009 issue of Road Bike Action.

Thanks Zap, Robb, Johnny Salemme, and Caveman for sharing your thoughts and memories. They sparked some forgotten moments that I appreciated revisiting.

Michael Nyberg
Michael Nyberg - Aug 20, 2009
We were so shocked and saddened to hear of Steve's passing and send our deepest regrets to Carrie and Connie. I have so many fond memories of Steve, from the Davis Nutcracker to his junior cycling days on the Reebok Junior team. Connie would take us to their races and cheer them on - Steve was the best on the team! Whenever I watched cycling I would think of Steve and remember those race days with fondness. I don't think cycling will be the same for me. Our thoughts are with his family. He was an inspiration.

Jocelyn English Peers - Aug 18, 2009
Steve's legacy continues to be an inspiration.
He always greeted me with a genuine smile and offered an encouraging comment. Many happy memories of a truly awesome person.

Dan Packman
Bend, OR
Dan Packman - Aug 13, 2009
All my respect and admiration to Steve the sport and family man.This is a great shock and lost. My condolances to his family, i hope you can find the strenght Steve had, to live on without him.
Best wishes and love from,

Eric, the Netherlands
EJ - Aug 13, 2009
Rest in Peace Steve, we will miss you man))
ArTemaN - Aug 10, 2009
Dear Connie,
I am so sorry to hear about the death of your son. Having lost a daughter, I can honestly say that I do know the agony that you and your family are having to endure. Steve was obviously an extremely exceptional individual and you will always be so proud of being his mother. He accomplished more in his 39 years than most people do in a lifetime.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,
Meredith (Hill)
Meredith DuHamel - Aug 1, 2009
I remember when Lemond hooked Steve up with the PDM sponsorship. That really seemed to motivate him also. I remember he kinda reminded me of Fabio with his long hair in the 80's. What a power house that dude was! He knew how to put the hurt on everyone and when he said he was gonna hurt you, he would break your heart on the race track. Steve you will be missed, especially your fighting spirit.

Kind regards to the Larsen family.
Lance L. - Jul 10, 2009

I am so sorry for your loss - my memories of Steve are many and all so positive. What an athlete, a professional, but even more so what an all-time great guy. All the best to you and your family. He will be missed by us all -

john geiger
John Geiger - Jul 9, 2009
When I think of Steve, I remember him in the stands at volleyball games in high school with Carrie's parents. I also remember him sitting through our Children's Lit (?!) class just to spend a few more minutes with Carrie before he had to go off and race somewhere.

Carrie, it's been a long time but when I heard the news, my heart broke. You guys were a GREAT couple and it's obvious you have a terrific family. My thoughts, love and support are with you during this extremely difficult time. But it's comforting to read all the wonderful things people had to say about such a classy man, father and husband; and knowing that all of these people are supporting you. Much love - Kim
Kim Miyano Saban - Jul 8, 2009
I met Steve at OTC winter camp in Dec of 86. At the time, I was unaware of his early accomplishments. Humble at 16,I thought he was just another one of us juniors chasing a dream.This was my first big chance to impress national coaches. We survived some brutally cold rides, and he was always upbeat and encouraging. We shared the bus seat to the airport when camp ended; he seemed like an old friend. I saw him later that year at Superweek in Wisconsin. He said he just got back from Junior Worlds. Only then did I realize the caliber of rider who befriended me on the blustery plains of Colorado 6 months earlier. After that, it was always great to read about his success in all his endeavors. I could always tell people I knew him when we were in the junior ranks.
I was shocked when I read of his passing in V/N. Carrie, I wish you and your family the best in your time of sorrow. I'm one of the lucky ones to have met him.
LaRue Manus - Jun 27, 2009
I unfortunately never met Steve but i was looking forward to 2010 when he would have been racing in my age group and i could have compared my bike times to his!
For the month of June i have been doing the Slowtwitch Steve Larson Challenge and without realising it i have trained better than usual and will be doing my best in Ironman Germany next week.
I have 4 young children myself and have donated a small token to the fund as my appreciation for such a great athlete and roll model.

Chris Walker,
Gibraltar Triathlon.
Chris Walker - Jun 24, 2009
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